The Benefits of Supporters over Voting Limits

In the current version of UserVoice, we switched to the concept of Supporters rather than allowing multiple votes and voting limits for users. That may leave some of you scratching your heads as to why. Here are a few reasons why this switch is actually beneficial to you and your users.

Clearer Support and Preference

Voting multiple times can often confuse the actual supporter number and therefore can also skew the true potential impact of a given suggestion. Voting creates a mixed number by combining the number of users supporting something and their relative preference for it. By allowing users to support any and all ideas they believe in only one time, the suggestion is more meaningful.

Build What is Most Important

Combining support counts with our SmartVote technology allows you to see both supporters and preference independently - not as a single confusing metric. Knowing supporter counts allows you to gauge interest in an idea, which you can then vet in a SmartVote Poll of your top ideas. Users can participate in the SmartVote Poll to select the ideas they want you to build next.

Hear the Voice of the Most Engaged Users

Within long-standing forums vote limits actually silence truly engaged users because their votes were already used up. This forces the most valuable opinions to work around the system, e.g. create fake accounts, move their votes over time, or use +1 style comments. Allowing users to support ideas freely allows everyone to be heard on everything that is important to them.

Some customers have expressed concerns that allowing users to support an unlimited number of ideas will result in a “run on the bank” with everyone supporting everything - resulting in a lot more work for the product teams. This fear is unfounded however as less than 1% of users have ever supported more than 10 ideas and less than 7.5% of users support more than 3!

Create a Seamless User Experience

We found that vote limits require users to understand "UserVoice" as a service - preventing a seamless experience and posing an extra hurdle towards collecting valuable user feedback. Making the process seamless and easy to use, encourages more feedback and participation from your user community. 

Common Questions:

Q: How do I turn on Supporter Mode?
A: Go to Settings -> General -> Click "Feedback Forums" -> Click "edit" on the forum you want to enable supporter mode for. 

Scroll to the bottom of the forum settings, and uncheck the box for "Enable Legacy Voting Limits" and then save. This is a per forum setting.

Q: What happens when I switch to Supporter Mode?
A: Good question! We'll walk you through what to expect.
  • Users who gave 2 or 3 votes to a single idea, will now be counted only once. If you see your "vote" counts drop, this is because each supporter is only counted once now.
  • End users will still see the option to "vote" for an idea on the front end, but will no longer be prompted to give 1 or 3 votes. They will click the button, enter their email (if not signed in) and be added as a supporter of the idea. It's that simple!
  • If you had anonymous voting enabled (where a user could vote without giving an email), that support will no longer be counted.

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