Customize your web portal

We will go over the basic design options you'll have when setting up your UserVoice web portal. If you're looking for advanced design settings, you can find details here.

To get started: 
  • Click the icon in the bottom left corner
  • Click "Web Portal" 
  • You'll see "Appearance and Features" at the top. Click "Edit. 

Logo and Site Colors

The first option you'll see is the ability to upload a logo. It will be displayed at the top of your UserVoice site. For best results, keep the height under 100 pixels and the width up to 1200 pixels.

Next, you'll see the option to edit the site colors. You have three different colors you can set...

  • Background: The color of the page header
  • Primary: The color of the text for your site name, as well as the “Feedback” header.
  • Links: Sets the text color of the linked Ideas, Give Feedback and Home link options in the right menu bar.  

White Labeling

White Labelling removes all UserVoice branding from the widget, emails and front end of your UserVoice site. By default white labeling is turned off. Check this box to turn it on (your plan will need to include this option in order for you to be able to change it).

Home Page

On our product management plans, you have the option to select the home page for your web portal. If a user goes to your UserVoice site (i.e. this is the page they will land on by default.

  • Home Page: With this option when a user arrives on your UserVoice site, it shows them a list of your different forums and lets users click on the forum they want to view. If you use the Home Page option, you can also create a welcome message (see below).
  • Redirect To [Forum]: With this option when a user arrives on your UserVoice site they land in the forum you specified, so it takes them directly to a forum.

Site Sections

You have the option to enable or disable specific sections of your UserVoice web portal. The sections available will depend on which plan you are on. 

Product Management Sections:
  • Feedback Forums: If you uncheck this option, the forums will be hidden from the navigation and landing page. Users will still be able to access them if they have a direct link.
Support Tools Sections:
  • Knowledge Base: This displays your articles and Knowledge Base Topics on the home page, and in the navigation menu. If you uncheck this option, users will only be able to access the content if they have a direct link.
  • Contact Form: This is the "Contact Support" link on the right. When this is enabled, your users can click the link to send you a support request.

Welcome Message

You may want to add a welcome message to your UserVoice site.
  • Click the Settings icon
  • Click the Web Portal Tab
  • Click "Site Text"
You'll have the option to edit your Site Title and Welcome Message. The Site Title will appear at the top left of your web portal. The Welcome Message will appear below the title and will greet all visitors to your site. 

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