Answering Tickets via Email

Sometimes (or all of the time) you want to be able to answer tickets directly from your email inbox. And you can!

In this article, we will outline what's possible with this feature. If you are looking for additional functionality, please share your ideas on our ticketing idea forum. This is the best channel for communicating your feature requests to our product team.

Turn on Ticket Notifications

You can reply directly to ticket notifications. To update your notification settings, click your avatar in the admin menu -> Click "Notifications" in the menu. You'll see your current notification settings. 

  • My Tickets: will send you notifications for all tickets assigned to you or that you're subscribed to. 
  • All Tickets: will send you notifications for all new tickets created. You'll also see the option to subscribe to specific queues. 

Select which ticket notifications you want to subscribe to and save your settings.

Quick Note: You can only respond to a ticket notification from an admin email address. If you respond from a non-admin email address the system will see it as an end user reply and it won't send it to the customer. This can also happen if your admin email address is an alias or a distribution list.

How to respond to a Ticket notification

When you get a ticket notification, hit "Reply" on the email. Type out your answer, and then send. 

When you respond to a notification, your response will first be sent to your UserVoice account. Your message will be recorded as part of the ticket thread, sent to the customer, and the ticket will be closed.

Don't want the ticket to be closed by default? Learn how to change that setting here.

Common Questions

Q: When I respond to users, they don't get my replies.

A: Check the following:

  • Are you responding from the email inbox for your admin email address? This is the email address you use to log into UserVoice. If your admin email is and you are responding from say, the reply will not go to the user since susan@ is not an admin.
  • Are you using a custom email address, and is forwarding set up correctly? If you are using an email address like for users to send tickets to, make sure it is set up to forward to your UserVoice account. This article walks through how.

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