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    5 comments  ·  General Feedback » Ideas  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    Hi – we have spent time investigating this and talking with many of you, and have decided to defer from building this for the time being. In our conversations with customers, we came across many different use-cases for custom fields and think we could potentially provide better, native support for some of the common use-cases like “priority” or “impact” rather than attempting to solve several problems with this one feature. We may revisit this idea after providing out-of-box support for the most common use cases.

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    absmar commented  · 

    We use UserVoice to gather Bug Reports & Feature Requests from users. The Vote mechanism is great because it helps us quantify the number of users that are affected by a bug or would like to see a feature implemented, but it does not help us quantify other very important metrics that would help us prioritize issues better. For instance, a minor issue that hundreds of users are experiencing is prioritized higher than a severe issue that only a few users are reporting. Because items with a high number of votes always have the limelight, issues with far greater consequences are always tucked away at the bottom of the list, encouraging our Product Managers to ignore issues that can devastate our reputation.

    An example of 2 important metrics we need for bug reports include:
    #1 Severity/Level of Impact
    #2 Frequency of Occurrence.

    For instance, you could have a bug that is severe and has a high level of impact, but it only occurs once per year. On the other end of the spectrum, you have a minor irritation that occurs hundreds of times per day. A minor irritation that occurs hundreds of times per day in many cases should be prioritized higher than a severe issue that occurs once per year. As you can see, number of votes does not answer these critical questions.

    We would like to be able to ask the following questions, and have multiple choice answers that have a numeric value to them to help us sort and prioritize things. For instance:

    Question #1 What level of impact does this bug have on your organization?
    Answer #1 Minimal: A minor irritation, but I can work around it. Value: 4
    Answer #2 Normal: Causes issues, but I can work around it. Value: 3
    Answer #3 High: Causing significant disruptions, but I can work around it. Value: 2
    Answer #4 Critical: Crippling my organization, causing data corruption, no workarounds available. Value: 1

    Question #2 How often do you encounter this bug?
    Answer #1 Rarely (< 1-2 times per month) Value: 5
    Answer #2 Intermittentely (A few times per week) Value: 4
    Answer #3 Regularly (Several times per week) Value: 3
    Answer #4 Frequently (Several times per day) Value: 2
    Answer #5 Constantly (More than 15 times per day) Value: 1

    For Feature Requests, we would like to ask additional questions like:

    #1 How much more productive would you be if we added this feature?
    #2 Would adding this feature positively impact your revenue? (yes/no response)
    #3 Would adding this feature help you make better clinical decisions? (we are a clinical system)
    #4 Would adding this feature revolutionize your business?

    We need to be able to customize the questions and responses so that we can frame the questions and answer to get the most value out of them, then we need to be able to create views that sort the responses reliably so that we can make better decisions on what to work on next. It would also be nice to have questions that have freetext answers.

    Ideally, when another user votes for an existing issue, they should be given the opportunity to answer those questions as well. If this requirement complicates things, we would much rather have just the contributor feedback than nothing, but adding the feedback from other voters would make the data even more valuable as we can see if other user responses corroborate with the contributor responses. Finally, the answers to the questions should have the option of remaining private/confidential as to not influence the answers of other voters, and allow us to ask probing questions that voters may not want to make public.

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    absmar commented  · 

    Not having basic features like custom fields to ask users important questions to help us determine the value/impact of an idea/bug like level/severity of impact and frequency of occurrence has significantly reduced the value of the data we are receiving from UserVoice, and has caused us on several occasions to look for a competing product. Number of users behind an idea is not the only metric that matters. As soon as a competitor offers a comparable Devops integration and search while the user is entering an idea we are leaving uservoice. Seeing that it takes nearly a decade for Uservoice to act on something as important as this despite using Uservoice in-house doesn't help. Adding this feature might influence us to stay.

    absmar supported this idea  · 
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    7 comments  ·  General Feedback » Feedback Widgets  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
    Deferred  ·  Claire Talbott responded

    Hi Everyone,

    We have reviewed this idea, and it’s not something we plan to implement. Even though we are deferring this idea for now, it is still open to votes and comments. We do want to hear your opinion. Thank you for the feedback, and please, keep sharing!

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    absmar commented  · 

    As a software developer, screenshots are crucial for users to communicate issues and suggestions to us. We need this functionality for Post idea. I think the way User Voice accomplished this in the past (the now discontinued contact widget) may have created issues in certain environments as this is riddled with security concerns and complexity, which may be the reason there is little appetite to continue to support this.

    I have a better idea. Rather than trying to snip a screenshot, why not allow the user to paste an image that is already present in the clipboard? The user can use the Windows Snipping Tool (or any other screen capture tool) to capture the image, and easily paste the clipboard image in the browser/uservoice. This can be accomplished with a few lines of javascript, and the work has already been done for you. Simply copy and paste the code on the link below and you make the world a better place. Win-Win.

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